3d printing + technological determinism

3D printing supports the theory of Technological Determinism through its medical advances. With the use of this technology many procedures will become more affordable to people allowing for better health care and quality of life. It will allow more people access to life changing medical equipment such as prosthetics due to reduced costs. Countries like America with such a large gap in the level or care people receive depending on their level of income will have that gap bridged to a large extent. Doctors and Surgeons will be able to provide care to more patients due to processes no longer taking as long thanks to the almost instant way that the printer can handle procedures. Doctors/Surgeons will also be able to be more accurate when performing new and ground breaking surgeries due to being able to practice on 3D printed models that are exact replicas of the patients organs. When the technology to prints organs and parts of organs has been perfected it will allow drug trials will be performed on real tissue and organs eliminating the need for animal testing and increasing the accuracy of results since the inaccuracy of being tested on non-human tissue has been removed. Another way in which it will change how we do things is creatively creating products, where traditionally when someone has a great idea that they want to put into practicality they would need to find significant start up costs to produce a large amount without knowing if it would be financially lucrative. With this technology they could produce a small amount with little initial cost with which they could test the market with and easily alter product with the feedback they receive (The Economist, 2011)




What are you excited about with 3d printing?

We are wondering what your thoughts on 3D printing are? Have you printed something using the technology or purchased something from a 3D printing website? If so what was it? What are you most excited about when considering the future possibilities that 3d printing has?