The Perfekt Xmas Cookies

Christmas is coming up, and i’m sure you are all starting to thing about presents. Especially those that you have to buy but you don’t really know or maybe even like the people your buying them for. I always wish I could just bake them some awesome looking cookies but mine never turn out the way I intended. As a designer I would love to be able to create intricate designs and then just print them out and package them up. Can’t wait for this to be more available to people. Here is a blog with a video so you can see how it works for yourself.

fusion in the heat of cold

0 3D Printed Christmas cookies

Never again will my Xmas cookies be a failure.

0 DSC09102

These are my last years efforts: a pretty poor sight even though they tasted good. (I might also add in my favor that the heat in Australia does not help to bake at Christmas time)

With the new technology of a 3D printer, this malheur is matter of the past.

7 IMG_1109In future my Xmas cookies will be perfect.


It’s this simple: first you create your design on the computer (or download one if you wish to make it even easier)

2then you fill the cartilage with the cookie dough (I guess special mixtures will be available at the bakery or printing departments)

3you insert the cartilage into the printer

4and watch

5how a perfect cookie is formed


next you put the print-out in the oven, set the timer to baking cookies so they will not burn and then push the right…

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