Mass. Girl Gets New Pink & Teal Hand with 3D Printing

This is amazing. Im excited to see how much this will change our medical needs in the future.

Product Lifecycle Report

When his high school in Hudson, Massachusetts got a new MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printer, engineering instructor Ryan Dailey could hardly wait to use it. He’d worked on small 3D printing projects with his students in the past and wanted to move on to something more ambitious.

That’s when he read a story about a boy in Marblehead, Mass. whose father had created a prosthetic hand for him using a 3D printer. “As soon as I saw that,” says Dailey, “I knew I was printing one no matter what.”

But what started out as simply a “cool project” turned into a life-changing experience when Ellen Schuck, the Hudson district’s director of technology, introduced Dailey to McKayla Shutt, a Quinn  Middle School fifth-grader born without a full-sized left hand or fingers on her left hand. She had an uncomfortable and difficult-to-operate prosthesis that she rarely used.

Although she was getting by…

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